Before Booking Your Photo Shoot

I feel awkward having my picture taken! 

Feeling awkward about it is completely normal. Making sure you look and feel comfortable is my specialty. The most important part of the shoot to me is connecting. If you feel comfortable then you'll look natural during our shoot. Getting your picture professionally taken should be contain as little anxiety as possible and I will guide you through the process so that you feel at ease. If you really feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, check out this blog post for tips on how to relax and pose. It also might help for you to check out our Yelp page.

Scheduling Your Photo Shoot

When are your hours?

Office hours are 10am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. During this time, we can schedule shoots, exchange emails, and answer phone calls.

The hours that Dijon does photo sessions are: 

M/W/F - 12pm to 4pm
T/Th - 10am to 4pm
Sat/Sun - 10am to 4pm

The time slots for the January Special will be shared with you once you contact us about the special. 

During the summer months when the days are longer, I'll shoot later into the night till sunset. 

Do you "hold" dates?

We do hold dates for clients. Dates are offered on a first come, first served basis and once you choose your date and contracts are signed you'd pay a 50% non refundable deposit. If you need to reschedule you must do so at least 24hrs in advance of the shoot or the deposit will be forfeited. If we get rained out then we will reschedule at your convenience.  During the booking process, if you see a date you must have, we recommend filling out the intake form ASAP and emailing us right after.

When am I considered officially booked for a photoshoot?

When you have officially booked a session, you will receive a contract that includes all the details of your shoot, plus all of our policies. If you do not receive this contract, you are not officially booked. During the booking process, we may discuss times, dates, and even get close to confirming the shoot, but again, until you receive the contract, the booking is not considered official.

Do you offer studio photography or outdoor photography?

Right now we only offer outdoor. Here's more on that.

Outdoor Photography Information
Our photography is done outside in various locations around San Francisco. Why? Because natural light is beautiful and you get a variety of different backgrounds, like graffitied walls, the ocean, the bridge, etc., and that give your portrait a unique texture. You can request your own location or pick from our list of common locations like Golden Gate Park, Baker Beach, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Mission, Hayes Valley, Union Square, and the Ferry Building/Embarcadero.

The shoots can be artsy and creative or more straightforward. We'll figure that out together before we shoot.

What if it's raining the day of my shoot?

If it's raining in the city the day of the shoot, we'll wait until about an hour before the shoot to see if it's raining in the area where we will be shooting. If we decide to cancel the shoot, we will contact you by phone to let you know the shoot is off. At that point you can reschedule with Hannah.

Getting Ready for Your Shoot

Make sure to get a good night's rest the day before we shoot. Red eyes and bags under your eyes are no good. Pick out your favorite outfit(s) and make sure they're clean. Maybe even spend some time checking yourself out in the mirror and taking a few selfies to see which angles and smile styles are your favorites.

During the Photo Shoot

What happens when I show up for a outdoor photo session?

Once we've at our agreed upon location, we'll spend a few minutes talking to connect and make sure you feel comfortable. We'll create a blend of candid shots and staged shots. We'll get lots of different angles to make sure we capture the most flattering angles for you. We'll give you a lot of direction and shower you with positive energy. The goal is that when you look at your photos that positivity is reflected in the photos and you say, "Yes! These are awesome. I look awesome!"

After the Photo Shoot

How can I pay for my session with you?

We accept cash, PayPal, and credit cards. You can pay your remaining balance at the end of your shoot or use PayPal in advance.

What happens after our shoot is over?

Within 10-14 days of your session, your images will be ready to view. You will get an email from us with the subject line, “Your Portraits Are Ready.” This email will contain a link to an online gallery, where you will be able to view the images and download them one by one. You will also receive a .zip file link with all of your photos.

What if I need my photos back faster than 10-14 days?

We charge a $150 fee for a 24-hour rush turnaround and $100 for a 48-hour turnaround. We also offer a same-day turnaround (only for individual headshots) for $250. If you need a quick turnaround for office photos, we can discuss the fee at the time of booking.

How much retouching do you perform on the photos?

We do basic color correction and minor retouching on all photos in Adobe Lightroom. If you have a unique situation, like chronically red eyes, acne, wrinkles, etc. and you want some additional retouching, you can pick 5-10 photos you like and we'll include that for no fee. If you want additional retouching on more than ten of your photos, we will charge you an additional fee. We do not offer services like slimming down body parts or airbrushing, so if you want that, you'll need to take our photos somewhere else to have that done.

Are your photos in color or black and white?

Right now we only offer color photography.

Do you offer prints?

As a digital business, we do not offer prints. There are a lot of great printers out there and asking the Google or a friend would be your best best.